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New HS Rules Pick Up Pace, Emphasize Safety

August 19, 2013
From LaxMagazine.com

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) on Wednesday announced several rules changes for the 2014 boys' lacrosse season. Most notably, the NFHS boys' lacrosse committee has eliminated substitution horns — following suit with an NCAA rules change that many believe increased the pace of play in 2013 — and has classified the targeting of defenseless players as an illegal body check.

"Intentional player-to-player collisions with players in a defenseless position are a concern," said Kent Summers, the NFHS liaison to the committee.

According to a recent video analysis study of 34 concussion incidents in Fairfax County (Va.) high school boys' lacrosse games, most commonly injured players were unaware of pending contact. The study was co-sponsored by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) and the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee.

"This revision will reinforce the need to eliminate these collisions from the game," Summers said.

The NFHS boys' lacrosse committee also has increased the severity of penalties on checks to the head or neck to minimum two- or three-minute non-releasable infractions, another measure to reduce dangerous play.

For the complete NFHS release announcing the 19 rules changes it approved at its July 16-18 meeting in Indianapolis, click here.