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Who We Are

The EPLCA is made up of a group of dedicated boys' lacrosse coaches, coaching at all levels (youth through high school), that are committed to growing our great game in all areas of Eastern Pennsylvania. With the advent of PIAA-sanctioned boys' lacrosse in Pennsylvania, the role of the EPSLA (a school-sponsored high school association) was minimized. To that end, our new coaches' association endeavors to meet its 3-fold purpose (growth, education, and recognition) with the active assistance of interested coaches across our geographical area. Our association welcomes coaches from the public and private sectors, from leagues and independents, from clubs and schools – and we encourage head coaches, assistant coaches, volunteer coaches, and even future coaches – to join the association and help us make a positive difference as boys' lacrosse continues to expand in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Our current Executive Board includes:

To contact a member of our Executive Board or to inquire about Association activities, please email us at eplca2013@yahoo.com